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Aircraft Hangar Rental & Maintenance In Rifle, Colorado

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General Aircraft Maintenance

  • Tire Inflate

  • Oil Change 

  • Full Detailing

  • Aircraft Light Replacement

  • Machine Buff

  • Ceramic Pro Paint

  • Waxing

  • Interior Cleaning

  • Call 970-379-6117

Additional Services

  • COVID-19 Sterilization 

  • Catering

  • Pilots Lounge

  • Shower

  • Shuttle 

Aircraft Hangar Storage

You should never have to leave your aircraft at the mercy of the elements, especially in the mountains. We offer four fully in-closed hangars with 12,000 sqft of space. We offer space for tenants and transient travelers alike


Hangar Rental At  Rifle Airport

7,000 ft Runway Length

Fuel Services (Avgas & Jet A)

Continuously monitoring ILS Approach down to 200 ft

Atlantic Aviation FBO

68 mile drive to Aspen, CO

80 mile drive to Beaver Creek, CO 

87 mile drive to Vail, CO

De-Icing Services

320 days of sunlight annually



We have the goal of delivering outstanding world class service and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Professionalism and Pride

Rifle Aviation does everything in its power to exceed industry standards. From the moment you depart and arrive, we demonstrate professionalism at work, with great attention to safety, service, and excellence.

Shared Passion

Our staff and partners care just as much about aviation as  our clients. We appreciate it and understand the necessities of pilots, owners, and operators.

Culture Of Service

Every employee and partner with Rifle Aviation has a natural talent in providing the most comfortable experience for travelers.  We deliver personal service found no where else

"Landed here and the staff was great. Made my stay extremely easy. Very happy with my stay and strongly recommend Rifle Aviation."



35 CO Rd 352, Rifle, CO 81650

Mike Pavich: Manager

     Phone: (970) 379-6117 

Jeff Posey: Owner

     Phone: (706) 853-0305

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