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If you want to learn to fly your own plane, The Aspen Flight Academy is your answer. The flight academy has been helping High School students and adults alike to achieve their dream of becoming a pilot. 

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The Aircraft

The school uses two Diamond DA 40 Next Generation aircraft, the same aircraft used by the United States Air Force and commercial pilot training programs to train their pilots. 

Aviation Director

Kate Short aviation background began with her first ride in a small aircraft in 2004 and has grown to include earning her CFI, CFII and MEI. She has earned her Master level Wings through the FAA Safety program and brings a background that includes tailwheel flying and a Commercial Glider rating.

After instructing for a large nationwide flight school, she brings her knowledge and professionalism to Aspen to serve the community and to encourage a passion for aviation in the next generation.

Project Name





In 2020 alone, the flight had three different students earn their pilots license, all of which were high school students

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